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Summer Newsletter 2017: Fascinating Rhythm (and Intern Reflection)

Release Date
Monday, July 3, 2017

Fascinating Rhythm (and Intern Reflection)
By Lily Barsanti, Program Assistant

Although not long, my time interning for the DC Jazz Festival has been full of exciting responsibilities and learning experiences. The staff at the Festival has proven to me and fellow intern Anna Stackhouse that the only way to truly learn the ropes of the “biz” is through experience.

To me, the event that captures the true essence of the intern experience were the Opening Ceremony at the Howard Theatre. The Opening Ceremony turned out to be the beginning of the fast-paced, fun, productive energy that carried into the entire jam-packed week of events. As an intern, I felt indispensable— something I don’t think a lot of other organizations can give their interns. This feeling of indispensability— the feeling that my work really, honestly mattered— is what drove me and all the interns to thrive under the pressure of so many events in such a short amount of time.

When the time came, all of the interns were given tasks that held weight and responsibility. Anna and I will never forget collaborating with Lalah Hathaway’s tour manager, making sure she had everything she needed before she started her sold-out show at the Howard Theatre. Responsibilities like these made us feel worthy and valued, making it clear it was not the type of internship where you simply sat at a desk day in and day out. These experiences are ones that will carry through to the professional world, wherever our paths may lead us.

I am thankful that my time at The DC Jazz Festival is not over, and that I have the privilege of continuing to work behind the scenes after the many shows are over. There’s so much more to the DC Jazz Festival than just the three days at The Yards, so check back on the website for more events!

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