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Irene Jalenti

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"Irene Jalenti is remarkable not only for her many gifts as a singer, but also for her ability to reach the audiences. I was duly impressed by her style and musicianship. Her warmth and strong stage presence allow her to communicate the essence, power and importance of jazz."
Bob Cranshaw

"Irene's talent is quite unique and she posesses that kind of natural gift you don't normally acquire by merely studying.
In my 30 year career as a performing musician I rarely had the chance to listen to talents like hers."
Dado Moroni

"I've been very impressed listening to her singing, especially her range combined with the natural richness of her vocal tone. I think she has a wonderful instrument, very personal that deserves to be heard by more people."
Greg Osby

"Irene struck me with her love for the audience and her ability to use her musical skill to communicate with the people, not just exhibiting her technique, but actually shaping it to take listeners on a journey with her. It was amazing to watch as she spun a song with her unique voice."
Donna McElroy