Expanding Education in 2019

December 18, 2018

Expanding Education in 2019

DC Jazz Festival Music Education is expanding with new partnerships and exceptional Teaching Artists in our DC Jazz Bops! program, our early childhood music initiative that establishes early music skills, foundational math and literacy skills, and aids in socio-emotional development through jazz-inspired books and interactive lessons and activities.

The heart of our Music Education Program is our stellar teaching artists. Award-winning singer, composer, and OSSE-certified Music Teaching Artist, Heidi Martin is impacting the lives of our littlest learners in DC Jazz Bops!. The students are actively engaged and I have witnessed, firsthand, the enthusiasm and excitement for the weekly DC Jazz Bops! class. Through Heidi’s unique skill-set she has enriched DC Jazz Bops with new lessons on Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong and introduced the ukulele as an accessible and entry-level introduction to basic harmony, pattern recognition, and gross and fine motor skills development. A big thank you to Heidi Martin and all of our Teaching Artists for their continued excellence and dedication.

We are excited to announce that through the generous support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, DC Jazz Festival has received the Wells Fargo Cultural Excellence Grant to support and expand DC Jazz Bops! for our bright young learners. Through the Wells Fargo Cultural Excellence grant, our beautiful boppers will be able to take home Caldecott award-winning books to share with their families; have access to highly-skilled pre-K teaching artists, and have the opportunity to participate in additional live events with their families and caregivers.

This is an exciting time for DC Jazz Festival Music Education Program. As we move into a new year, we look forward to spreading the good word about the Wells Fargo Cultural Excellence Grant, DC Jazz Bops!, and the continued work of DC Jazz Festival.


- Rochelle Rice, Music Education Manager