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Ka'Ba Soul Singer

DCJF Performance Date(s) and Venue(s)

June 16, 2018 3:00PM
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Kenilworth and Eastland Gardens Communities
1550 Anacostia Avenue, NE
Washington, District of Columbia

Free Event

Artist Bio

Hailing from the American South, Ka'Ba SoulSinger's rich, bass/baritone voice emits a frequency whose vibration is drenched in the struggles, trials and triumphs of the Black experience, from enslavement to Jim Crow to the Civil Rights era to the hip-hop generation and beyond. His fusion of soul, jazz, traditional Black spirituals, blues, hip-hop, spoken word and world music creates an aural panoply of the worldwide African experience. His passionate, soul-drenched, humorous and energetic performances have thrilled audiences across the United States, winning praise and accolades from "everyday people" to internationally recognized figures, along the way. 

World-renowned spoken word poet, Heru, has called Ka'Ba's debut project, The Ka'Ba-List: Soundtrack to the Struggle, "the best soul music album I ever heard," lofty words that, even the artist himself, find hard to embrace: "I appreciate those words. I look to fulfill their potential."

Esteemed researcher/author/lecturer Anthony T. Browder, remarked: 

"Brother Ka'Ba represents an aural return to the Golden Age of great 'Old School' music. He is to be promoted to the head of the class for giving us great vocals and lyrics that the whole family can listen to and appreciate for years to come..."