Conrad D. Kenley

President and Chief Executive Officer, LCG, Inc.
Board of Directors

Conrad D. Kenley is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of LCG Inc., a leading provider of technology-based consulting services, biomedical research support, grants management, decision analytics, software engineering and IT operations that empower public programs with health and science missions and increase their transparency and efficiency. As principal business and technology strategist, Conrad brings nearly forty years of experience to LCG. He is regarded as a leader in innovative program management and information strategies to lower costs and optimize processes throughout the grants management and scientific research life cycles. Prior to founding LCG in 1990, Conrad held senior financial management positions in the private sector. He began his career at Arthur Andersen where he audited major industrial corporations and nonprofit enterprises. Conrad served as the chief financial officer of a business unit at American Express and as director of financial reporting at MCI Communications. Later, at Merrill Lynch, Conrad led a team that planned and negotiated an outsourcing arrangement for the company™s global telecommunications network. Conrad is a certified public accountant, and he holds both a BS in engineering and an MBA from Cornell University.