Conrad D. Kenley

Chairman, DC Jazz Festival - President and Chief Executive Officer, LCG, Inc.
Board of Directors

CEO, Innovator, Jazz Lover

Conrad Kenley’s unwavering commitment to customer service and client satisfaction is the catalyst for the birth of LCG Inc in 1991. A leading provider of Information Technology based consulting services, and grants management support. Today LCG is a technology partner with government agencies engaged in improving the health and lives of people.


His deep rooted belief in serving can be traced back to the beginning of his career where he audited major industrial corporations and nonprofit enterprises at Arthur Andersen & Company. Conrad was later appointed as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a business unit at American Express Company and as Director of Financial Reporting at MCI Communications Company. He then went on to Merrill Lynch Corporation where he led a team that planned and negotiated an outsourcing arrangement for the company’s global telecommunications network.   


Conrad has led his team of talented problem solvers and service providers at LCG for three decades to be a key partner in the federal quest for good government made better. 


When he's not acting in his CEO role, you can catch Conrad jamming to the smooth sounds of his favorite jazz record, on the driving range with his favorite set of golf clubs, traveling to a new country, or expanding his extensive wine collection.


He is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BS degree in Engineering and MBA from Cornell University.