Charles Fishman Embassy Series

The 2018/2019 Charles Fishman Embassy Series presented by Events DC is made possible by the generous support of Linda and Michael Sonnenreich.

The Charles Fishman Embassy Series, so named in honor of Charles Fishman, founder of the DC Jazz Festival, presents international artists in partnership with the foreign embassy community in our nation’s capital.

Though born in the U.S., jazz music has evolved over the last century as the renowned global music. Gradually through the performance jazz around the world, including the robust international network of jazz festivals, and the broad dissemination of jazz education–jazz has become the world's music. Artists around the world now express the jazz esthetic through the lens of their own unique cultures. The Charles Fishman Embassy Series is a classic example of the worldwide impact of jazz music.

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Charles Fishman Embassy Series -  Linda Sonnenreich Michael Sonnenreich