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Sunday, June 16 at 7:30 pm


Gregor Huebner

El Violin Latino Vol.3.-Los Soñadores

The idea to this series already developed some time ago in a café in New York during a session. Mappy Torres, a Cuban poet, described the “Latin Violin“ with words, Gregor Huebner described it with his music. To him the violin is the common denominator of different genres. Of course his personal style slips in the compositions, too. He was heavily influenced by Eastern European Folk and Gypsy music. The result is a line-up of compositions of important Latin American composers and his own works written in the same unmistakablestyle.

Los Soñadores is Huebners 3rdalbum in a series and focuses on the music of Cuba. 

 For Gregor Huebner, the influence of Eastern European music is clearly audible in the music of South America. He feels comfortable here. Here he is at home. His recipe for success is: “Absorb everything you experience, and then concentrate on the things that interest you. But never deny where you came from.” Thus his own roots and personal experiences play a central role in his music and in his playing.

He put together a band specifically for his concerts. Klaus Mueller (piano), Itaiguara Brandao (bass) and Jerome Goldschmidt (percussion) accompany Gregor Huebner (violin) during live performances in small clubs, concert halls or at festivals.

The temperamental, melancholic, sentimental, passionate melodies from South America depict moods as old as time – in the musical language of Latin America – comprehensibly for anyone with a heart. 

About the new CD:

It has been a pleasure to produce this new album with maestro Huebner, one of the most glittering and virtuosic violinists of our times. Huebner has delivered an album that is more than worthy of its moment, something that speaks not to just what’s going in the world, but what how we can affect positive change in it. And for this, I am grateful that this maestro-turned-activist is in our midst. 

                                      – Kabir Sehgal