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Alison Crockett

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Alison Crockett

Saturday, June 15 at 6:00 pm


Alison Crockett has paid her musical "dues" in full. On seminal recordings by King Britt, Blue Six, Us3, and a host of others, Alison's voice has provided a velvety, sensual finishing touch for cutting edge beats. Her voice dripping soul with generous helpings of jazz, gospel and blues, she has taken the baton from divas of the present and past such as Rachelle Farrelle, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Donna Summer and Sarah Vaughn and forged a uniquely personal and singular musical vision.

Alison decided early in her life to pursue a music career and began playing the piano at 5 years old. After winning several talent contests during her high school years, though, it quickly became apparent that her voice was a rare gift. After college, Alison settled in Philadelphia, where she met DJ King Britt, of Digable Planets fame. King gave Alison the nickname "Diva Blue” and together they recorded the classic, "Season's Change" for his groundbreaking Sylk 130 album, "When the Funk Hits the Fan".

Only months after she’d completed her first world tour with Sylk 130, she was approached by Geoff Wilkenson, founder of pioneering UK based acid-jazz group Us3 -- best known for their hit "Flip Fantasia (Biddy Biddy Bop)" -- who having heard "Season's Change" became convinced he was hearing a young Shirley Bassey and embarked upon a feverish search to track Alison down to request she become Us3's first lead singer. Alison moved to London to write and sing on Us3’s album "An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place". The first single, "Get Out", immediately shot to the top 10 on the charts within weeks of its release in Japan in 2001.

Alison’s debut solo album, "On Becoming A Woman", was released to wide acclaim in Japan in June 2003 and in the US and Europe in April 2004. Her epic ballad "Like Rain" reached number 3 on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Winner's 2003 chart on his legendary BBC Radio 1 program.

In 2006, Alison released a collection of remixes based on tracks from “On Becoming A Woman” entitled "The Return Of Diva Blue: On Becoming A Woman Redux". Featuring mixes by a who’s who of top flight DJ producers: DJ Spinna, Yam Who, Phil Asher, Mark De Clive-Lowe and more, the album became a treasure trove for lovers of deep house music, with Spinna’s take on the song “Crossroads” becoming a signature classic for Alison.

In the spring of 2007, Alison released her “love letter to my fans”, the stripped down, acoustic based “Bare”. Much of the album consisted of Alison simply sitting at the piano and singing songs from a backlog of her compositions from a particularly prolific period of writing. After taking an extended break from her career to focus on mothering her two children, in 2012 Alison returned to the recording studio to work on what would become, “Mommy, What’s A Depression?”, her third solo album of original material. A mixture of jazz, soul and electronica, the album seeks to capture the weight of tumultuous times.

Her newest project focuses on a new love, Brazilian music. After visiting the country she decided to mix her musical loves to create the project, “Obrigada”. Recorded in the city of Sao Paulo with Brazilian jazz musicians Felipe Silviera, Thiago Alves, and Palinho Vicente, Alison has weaved a refreshing sound love of jazz, bossa nova, and soul that continues to highlight her fearlessness as a musical traveler boldly projecting her inimitable voice into the sonic future.